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Every Mission Critical Assets of your business need Personalized monitoring.
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infi360 Monitoring System

Wireless Sensors

Welcome To The Era of IoT. Macro monitoring needs a robust, wireless sensor in a network of connected gateway. Infi 360 wireless tiny sensors to monitor any environment or condition

Enviornment & Your Assets

You want to monitor the 2 feet sorrounding of your critical assets. Talk to us, our sensors reads various environmental parameters closer to your assets and give you insight of data and preventive alerts

Rule Engine

Your assets dont sleep, so as our rule engine. Design variety of your rules , per your asset, per sensor and have peace of mind. It works hard to detect and alert you all possible ways to prevent issues


Visual Mapping

Tracking or Monitoring your hundreds of critical assets need a visual finder to locate or get insight easily. Welcome to infi360, you could map your physical place and snapshot your assets once. You could trace and monitor assets as you do in physical place. Doesn't Look Cool?

Realtime Dashborad

Infi360, we power real-time with every connected asset sensors and gateway of network. Environmental parameters are broadcast to engine for Calibration and you are connected to your infrastructure monitoring anytime anywhere. Advanced Apps, Dashboards, Digital Display Integration, Device to Device communication ability makes your infrastructure well-guarded.

Rule Engine

Heart of our infi360 automation is our state of art Rule Engine. Every business critical assets are unique and time critical. You need macro monitoring for each individual asset and related operating environmental parameters. Our Rule Engine is designed with this fundamental, to allow you any number or type of rules that keep you alerted. You can extend this rule engine to integrate your enterprise network or application with our add-on adapters.

Incident Management

Problem or Incident Occurs!! Your Audit regulators need greater insight to pattern and behaviors, and of course resolution. We provide a classical Incident management workflow linked to monitoring layers that you can have full control over the Incidents and Resolution actions and related workflow.


Historical Reports strengthen your infrastructure for preventive measures and most problem generating environment and scenarios. You need not just a bulk of PDF pages that describes your pattern; you need robust tools to communicate with your management team or suppliers, with supporting data and incidents. We have covered most of your problems with our tools, Deep Graphs Analysis, SVG for easy sharing among service teams without exposing too much internal data.


We understand your primary concerns when it comes to Security in the new era of IoT. We run our cloud services in most advanced and secured cloud farms of Microsoft Cloud Infrastructures. Your data is well protected in line with Industry Standards Practices such as, SSL, TLS, Encrypted with keys for every data broadcast, Bluetooth MAC address based device authorizations, recycle of sensor IP options.


Every Business Infrastructure need to be monitored.
infi360 fits for all type of business environements, Sample use cases as below


Air Purity and Quality is basic for your Hospital environment and operating theatres. Be accurate with your environment with our environmental sensing. Today’s modern world facing the danger of Air Pollution and all possible contaminated air particles surrounded everywhere. Give your patients assurance that you care your environment, monitor your atmosphere and be in control of your operating environment. Can we safeguard our sensitive or costly medicines from poor refrigerating? Yes, of course. Power your refrigerators with our sensors to get alerts when your medicine cooler boxes go down or do not maintain the required storage needs. You could very well extend it to various facilities, such as your control rooms, research labs, Blood Storage Containers.


Every Business Infrastructure need to be monitored.
infi360 fits for all type of business environements, Sample use cases as below

infi360 Advantages

  • Install in Minutes : Run in minutes with our cloud subscription, wireless sensors.
  • Live Monitoring : Drive efficiency with live monitoring, Dashboard, App friendly multi device support
  • Enterprise Grade : Sensors, Hardware gateways, Software Gateways, USB powered sensor batery life
  • Graphs : More visibility on collected data with various formats and tools to visualize.


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